There are two ways to register. One is online and the other is manual. 
For online registration, the following steps need to be followed

a. Read the policies and procedures of ACICC
b. Fill the expression of interest form online
c. Upon confirmation, a follow up email will be sent to you with id and password to create an account.
d. After the account has been created, you will be required to fill the online registration form and upload all necessary document listed in the document checklist- a notarized application form that has been duly signed by your referees in addition to signature of primary applicant.
e. When the application is sent, you will receive a confirmation email that the application has been received and that someone will follow up.
f.Once the approval process is completed, your contribution will commence with a one-time registration fee of 10$ plus a minimum of 3-6 months advance payment.

For manual registration, please follow the below steps

a. Review ACICC policies and procedures and bye-law
b. Print out the application for or request a copy to be mailed or faxed to you or in person pick up a copy from 3200 Kempt Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
c. Fill up the application form. Please ensure that the application is duly notarized by a notary and signed by your referees. At least, one of the referees need to be a holder of recognized public institution such as pastor, teacher, public servant or lawyer.
d. Mail to The Coordinator,

African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd.
3200 Kempt Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Upon receipt of the application, a follow up check and approval process would precede confirmation of registration. A request to pay registration fees and resume monthly contribution with at least 6 months advance payment will be sent. The amount to be contributed depends on the chosen category of payment for example 10$, 20$ or 25$.