International Market

Building a Community of Entrepreneurs in Spryfield and Surrounding Areas through ACICC International Market  and Business Incubation Program

The African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd- ACICC is a not-for-profit social enterprise that seeks economic justice through skill development, business incubation and community-building by and for persons with established economic barriers. To achieve this goal, ACICC works by focusing on four key areas that relate to skill assessment, development and training, entrepreneurial development and business incubation, loans and investments and community building.
In line with this mandate, ACICC organizes a monthly international market on the last Sunday of every month from 11 am to 3 pm. The market is to support and provide more exposure to those that sell products from their home, provide opportunities to buy things that are different by newcomers and immigrants, hang out and enjoy food and music from different cultures, support the idea of a social enterprise and generate a true sense of belongingness for newcomers who are trying to become entrepreneurs.
Services include on-site clothing alterations, live product demonstrations, taste-testing of food products, foot care, beauty make-overs, henna tattoos and more…….
People come for:
  • Mouth-watering Jamaican Patti/festivals/jerk chicken
  • Philippino delicacies
  • African soups and sauces
  • Specialty tea brands
  • Essential oils and aromatherapies
  • Islamic accessories & fashion essentials and more.
Services and businesses are different for every market. Currently, there are 15 vendors operating at 10$ per table.  ACICC's plan is to support small businesses up to graduation from a monthly market to a business incubation program. Through the business incubation program, ACICC would provide daily management and operation to those businesses and members of the co-op under mutually agreed terms and conditions.
Following up to the international market, member businesses that might be interested in using the center as a business space for a permanent daily operation would register to become co-op members, pay membership rate of 10$ per day for space. Under the business incubation program, individuals do not need to come to sell their products daily. As a small business cooperative, ACICC will appoint a manager to manage the business' daily activities and to account for business owners - 20 vendors are needed for the program. The goal of the business incubation program is to reduce risks and overhead cost of starting a business for home-based entrepreneurs, newcomers, and immigrants who are trying to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Some of the services that we offer to our members include:


  • A commercial kitchen for rent to those operating catering businesses
  • Café space for rent to those selling baked products
  • Wall space for those who have arts and crafts for displays
  • Food handling training
  • Sewing classes, alteration and clothing repair sessions,
  • Marketing
  • Small shop and display space for jewelry and fashion accessories. We also partner with other organizations in order to provide skill training to support the growth and development of member businesses.

We hope to see our member-owned businesses grow from incubation to graduation into their own space.

Please visit our monthly international market and sign up to become a vendor or a member. Membership is open to everyone with established economic barriers - women, seniors, youths, newcomers, immigrants, persons with disabilities and marginalized groups.


We encourage persons who are interested in being part of the program to contact ACICC.,Ngozi Otti  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel 9024769779.