Conference on Creating a self- reliant African Nova Scotian Economic Community

1. Introduction:

The African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd (ACICC) in collaboration with partner organizations plan a conference on creating  a self-reliant African  Nova Scotian Economic Community.
The need for this conference cannot be over-emphasized. Today, it is well known that we are facing enormous challenges finding resources needed to sustain our community from local to global.  With our giant strides in history, it is our collective responsibility as a community to ensure our own economic sustainability and social wellbeing. In this our generation, we believe that the time has come for us to come together, stay together and work together with one voice for our own economic development and self-reliance in Nova Scotia.

The United Nations has recognized that we  as persons of African descent are a distinct group. The commemoration of slave trade, its abolition and contribution to humanity elevates us beyond measure and we as persons of African descent are on the verge to make history again as we come together.

Specifically, the goals of the conference is to begin discussions to:


2.    Conference Objectives:

•    Strengthen the relationships between all peoples of African descent through thoughtful and reflective dialogue.
•    To bring together all persons of African descent to begin discussions on economic sustainability and working together towards self-reliance.
•    Examine social enterprise, asset-based and other social models that would help create resilient communities and build communities from the inside-out.
•    Showcase best practices and innovations that exist within African Nova Scotia communities in the area of economic development.

3.    Target Group:

•    Leaders and representatives of ANS-related institutions
•    Educators and development practitioners in ANS
•    Representatives from national associations of the continent of African, the Caribbean and all persons of African descent.
•    Representatives from religious and faith-based associations in African Nova Scotian communities.

5.    Date:

Day One: 28th November 2014 from 5:00- 9:00pm

Day Two:  29th November 2014 from 9:30-4:00pm

6.    Venue:

Henry G. Bauld Centre
35 Wilford Jackson Way, Off Main Street,
Dartmouth, NS.

7.    Time: 5:00:00pm-9:00pm Day 1 (28th Nov) 9:30 -4:00pm (Day 2- 29th Nov)

8.    Presenters:

9.    Partners:

Wayn Hamilton- CEO Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs

Veronica Marsman- Executive Director, Akoma Family Centre/NSHCC
K-Lee Fraser  Policy Analyst- Intern Halifax Regional Muncipatly Office of Intergration African Affairs.  

Josephine Tommy-  Program Officer Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs  Carolann Wright Parks- Director, CED and Strategic Engagement, Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP)

Rev. Elias Mutale-  Past Chair- African Diaspora Association of the Maritime (ADAM)

Imhokhai Ogah- Chair (ADAM) Mavis Suh- Program Manager (ADAM)

Michael Wyse- CEO Black Business Initiatives (BBI)  

10.   Schedule: TBA

11. Contact:

 Conference invitation

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