The African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Limited (ACICC) was established to explore and create platforms for collective investments into business opportunities for the welfare of persons of African descent.

In line with its mandate, the coop conducted series of consultations with about 20 members of the African immigrant community from September – December 2014. The goal of the consultation was to identify needs, ideas and interests in farming and agri-businesses.

The result of the consultation revealed that:

  • Many immigrants of African descent have skills and experiences in farming, gardening and related agri-business activities in local food processing

  • Some immigrants of African descent were cocoa farmers, tea farmers, have cocoa/tea farms and also have access to the supply of cocoa/tea from countries like Ivory Coast, Burundi and Rwanda. Ivory Coast is a country that is known for producing the best cocoa in the world and Burundian tea is very popular even in NS.

  • Some immigrants of African descent have been experimenting with the idea of an ethnic garden for products such as egg-plants, African spinach, okro, groundnuts etc. These products are usually consumed by majority of immigrants from Asia and Africa. With the increasing number of immigrants coming into Nova Scotia, developing these products to supply the local immigrant market and possibly nearby provinces has potential for collective investment and business.

  • Majority of immigrants are interested in Tilapia farming. Tilapia is imported and consumed by majority of immigrants. Similarly, there is the possibility to develop Tilapia farms to supply the local market and possibly nearby provinces.

We believe that farming and agri-business have the potential to absorb immigrant labour.

  • Discussions have been initiated among community members.
  • Plans to acquire a farm land is in progress.
  • Meetings with relevant government departments and other stakeholders is on-going.

The goal is to facilitate economic integration through the development of a farming and agri-business program that would meet the needs of the increasing immigrant population by focusing on.

  • The establishment of a Tilapia farming pilot project.

  • Building a cocoa/tea processing/packaging factory that would take advantage of the cocoa/tea supply opportunities presented by immigrants from rich cocoa and tea producing countries.

  • Cultivating a pilot ethnic garden for products consumed by the immigrant population building on skills and experiences of the immigrant population and other stakeholders.


  • Partnership with relevant stakeholders.

ACICC through partnership with Perennial Nova Scotia and Department of Agriculture would provide technical support and opportunities for relevant training and workshops.

Several projects and collective business opportunities would be developed for community members who are interested in investing in farming and agribusiness.


To participate in collective investment  please register and pay five years membership fee of $50, join the esusu group, fill the investment agreement form. Registered members would be contacted for subsequent meetings.