Community Housing program


 Housing Program for Integrating Immigrants with Large Families        

Several consultations in the community reveal that majority of immigrants have large families of an average of 6 -10 members. Under-aged children who have babies while living with their parents also add to the number of persons living in a house hold. According to African culture and cultures of other immigrants, the norm is that children live with their parents until they are well settled. Also grandparents live with their children. What we perceive as a 'family' in Canada is understood as  'household' in cultures of most immigrants.

The issue is that when most immigrants move to Canada with grandparents and older children, they need to live together to care and support one another. However, in Halifax Regional Municipality where immigrants make up a significant portion of the population, most houses are usually not designed to accommodate large families living together. Typical homes are unable to meet the unique housing needs of immigrants' households. Families that have more than 6 members and with grandparents either have to live in crowded houses or separate from one another away from immediate care and support for each other. This has implications for both physical, mental and social well-being.

These and other related issues have resulted to the need for ACICC to find innovative ways to address housing as an integral part of a program that aims at successful resettlement and integration of immigrants. ACICC looks into developing partnerships with the government and other stakeholders and to create opportunities for members to invest into a community housing project that would meet their needs.


To ensure the successful resettlement and integration of immigrants through collective investment into subsidized community housing program that would meet their unique housing needs.


Several projects would be developed to achieve program goal in collaboration with community members, partners and stakeholders.

Community members who are interested in contributing towards down payment for investment into housing projects would need to join the 'esusu' group, fill up an investment form and would be contacted for subsequent meetings.

To join the esusu group, please register and pay a five-year membership fee of $50