Community Economic Empowerment program

Community Economic Empowerment Program (CEEP): Transforming Home-based skills to viable economic goods

In February 2013, the African Community Investment Cooperative (ACICC) conducted an assessment of skills and abilities of selected 20 persons from 10 African countries. The  assessment revealed rich skills and experiences in jewelry making, craft-making, restaurant/cafe operation, hairdressing/salon experience, dressmaking, tailoring, knitting, cooking, childcare, painting, dancing, singing, event planning, house-keeping, weaving, rope-making, rug-making, beading, appliques, braiding, budgeting, home management etc. Majority of persons who participated in the assessment wish to start their own small businesses but too overwhelmed with the financial requirements, credit implications and overall management and operation of businesses in Canada.

During the session, participants shared their experiences in small retail and home-based businesses before arrival in Canada. Ideas generated from the session created the need for the development of a comprehensive community economic development strategy that would build on existing skills as an entry point to a sustainable community economic development.

Therefore, the goal of CEEP is to build on and transform existing skills to viable economic and business opportunities for members. Proceeds from businesses would be used for the welfare of members. 


To participate in community business groups, please register and pay five years membership fee of $50