African Community Emergency Fund (ACEF)


The African Community Emergency Fund- ACEF aims

To provide no-interest financial allowance to enable eligible members of ACICC in times of emergencies such as:

  1. A situation is caused by unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and it presents a severe health risk and you cannot wait until the next income payment and cannot access other services. These includes and not limited to

  • Death and funeral expenses

  • Emergency car breakdown

  • House repairs

  • Loose of jobs

  • Ill –health

  • Tuition/education related

  • One-time utilities/bills arrears

  • One-time Eviction payment

  • Down payment for home ownership


  1. To help members’ avoid high interest loans that would further deep them into debts

You can apply for the emergency allowance if:


  • You are an active contributing member of the African Community Investment Cooperative for a minimum of 6 years residing in Nov Scotia or the Maritimes

  • The amount requested is lower than the accumulated credit or with a co-signer/ers who is/are an active member of ACICC having a combined credit equal to the amount requested.

  • You do not have enough money to cover a one-time, short-term emergency that will not last longer than 1yr and can afford an additional amount plus your monthly contribution. 

  • If you meet the membership requirement of ACICC and have document to prove emergency situation.

  • Determined to be eligible by the Emergency Fund Committee


Upon non-repayment

  • Members’ credits would be debited from member’s ACICC account if allowance is not repaid as agreed within 5 years depending on the amount and on-case-by-case.

  • Escalation of non-repayment issues to elders of the community

  • Possible ex-communication from ACICC membership if member refuses to pay