Africentrics Community E-business Solutions

Africentrics is a community e-business platform that promotes African products and services.

Members who have products and are skilled in tailoring, fashion designs, textile, crafts, jewelry-making, hats, caps, hand-made shoes, purses, ornaments,  etc. display samples of products free of costs through the website.

Members who provide services such as catering, decoration, event planning and management, braiding, dancing/choreography, singing, drumming, spoken-words, oratory etc. promote their services free through the website.

Information about products and services would be provided by service providers. For more information about each products, please contact the provider.

ACICC manages the website for members. Members could be individuals or cooperate and are required to pay $50 five years membership fee. Each members is limited to ten products.

Payment arrangements are made between the customer and the producer/service provider unless customer purchases products in ACICC stock.

To promote your products and services please send product image, product description and contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Product catalogue (Coming soon)