Women Economic Empowerment Program - WEEP

Majority of immigrant women are unemployed, on welfare or under-employed. We believe that these women with huge skills, abilities and experiences have the potential to become successful home-based entrepreneurs and actors in the economy.

With this belief, in February 2013, the African Community Investment Cooperative conducted an assessment of skills and abilities of selected 20 women from 10 African countries. The  assessment revealed rich skills and experiences in jewelry making, craft-making, restaurant/cafe operation, hair dressing/salon management, dress making, tailoring, knitting,spinning, cooking, childcare, painting, dancing, gardening, farming, home-based food processing, retailing, singing, event planning, house-keeping, weaving, rope-making, rug-making, beading, appliques, braiding, budgeting, home management etc. Majority of women who participated in the assessment wish to start their own small business but too overwhelmed with the financial requirements and overall management and operational of sole businesses in Canada.

During the session, the women shared their experiences in managing home-based and small retail businesses before arrival in Canada. Ideas generated from the session created the need for a Women Economic Empowerment program.

The goal is to transform home-based skills to sustainable businesses.

As part of the overall program, several collective business platforms have been designed to sharpen existing skills, provide and market related services in areas such as:
- Sewing and Tailoring
- Jewelry and Craft Making
- E-business Project
- Home-based Retail Management

- Catering

Products and services from the businesses would be marketed through an online site Afrocentrics (under construction) and profits are invested for the well being of members

To participate in the business groups, please register as a member and pay five years membership fee of $50