African Hair Design and Development Program

The AFRICAN HAIR MARKET is a project of the African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd (ACIC). The project is one of the outcomes of the conference on Women Economic Empowerment held April 18th 2015.
The goal is to promote African hair styles. Secondly create expanded business opportunities for home-based skilled women by providing a place where persons who are skilled in African Hair-do can do business in a culturally sensitive, safe, family-friendly, fun and social environment.
The OPEN HOUSE will provide opportunities for community members, potential patrons and business partners to acquaint themselves with information on how the cooperative hair market will be run.
Potential partners can fill application to become an official braider in the market. Those who sell African hair products from home will also have a space to display their products. 
TIME: 2pm-10pm
Date: 2nd August 2015
Venue: 3180 Isleville Road, Off Young Street
Contact: Pearl Ejelike -9028027307; Josephine Tommy-9022335423; Ngozi Otti- 9024769779
Please find attached document for some selected styles. Different styles include:
Crocheting- Isi-Mkpa : Crochet needle is used to thread extensions into a matted or braided hair
Matting- Isi- Ute – Hair is threaded from the inside and appears like a flat mat when finished
Threading or Twinning- Isi-eri-  hair is tied with special thread or wool in different styles and colours
Dreadlocks- Isi- dada or Bob-Marley- Hair is lumped into dreads
Twisting= Isi-ntuhi- Hair is twisted around each other in a rope-like fashion
Braiding- Isi-Awusa- Hair is threaded from the outside and appears like rows of corn on the cub when finished
Long or short single braiding- Hair is matted into a thick or thin long or short single rope-like style that drops to the shoulder.
Wigs production, sales and trimming
Pon-pons- Isi-ntukwu
Extension removals
Hair extensions, clippings and treatments
Hair wraps and cuts                                                                           
Apprenticeships and hair-do classes and lessons