ACICC believes that one of the ways that Africans in diaspora could contribute to improving the socio-economic status of local African people in the continent and to economic development of the continent is through trades. When Africans in Diaspora creates demands for African products and services in their countries of permanent residence, individuals could take advantage of the market demands to create business opportunities.  The benefits would trickle down to local farmers and producers in the continent.

For ACICC, the goal is to promote demands for African goods and services, create platforms for individuals to invest together as ‘esusu’ groups and trade in identified sectors.

ACICC in collaboration with interested ‘esusu’ group members would explore demands for raw or processed food products, drinks (tea, coffee, cocoa), dance, arts, craft, sculpture, paintings, leather, pottery, brass woodcarvings, ceremonial and religious headgear and dresses/fabric etc. Secondly ACICC would find ways to create business opportunities and processes that would take advantage of market demands for these products and services.

The need to maximize the cultural resources of Africa for a sustainable development has been predominantly expressed especially in the face of looming globalization, increasing poverty and donor fatigue.

It is the responsibility of Africans in diaspora to find ways to promote African culture using trade an integral aspect of harnessing the cultural resources of Africa to enrich the process of development.

Members interested in the import and export of African goods and services are encouraged to register, pay 5 years $50 membership fee and join the ‘esusu’ group.