African is a rich home of culture expressed in food, drinks, dance, arts, craft, sculpture, paintings, leather, pottery, brass woodcarvings, ceremonial and religious headgear and dresses/fabric etc.

The need to harness the cultural resources of Africa for a sustainable development has been predominantly expressed especially in the face of looming globalization, increasing poverty and donor fatigue. As a result, the continent's cultural rejuvenation has become an integral aspect of post-independence nation-building processes in most countries. The need to harness the cultural resources of Africa to enrich the process of development has also become a priority to Africans at home and in the diaspora community.

To build on this momentum of cultural rejuvenation, ACICC commits to promoting businesses in African hospitality and culture by creating platforms where members could come together as ‘esusu’ groups and invest in trading of African goods and services. 'Esusu' Business group members choose products and services or countries of choice.

Examples of products and services are: African Hospitality and Catering Services. Organized tours to African Countries. Import of tea/coffee/cocoa etc. Profits from the businesses are used towards socio-economic wellbeing of members.

Members who are interested in  import and exports are encouraged to register ; pay 5 years $50 membership fee;  and join the ‘esusu’ group. To register please click here.

Updates would be provided to community members who have signed up with the ‘esusu’ group.


An Ethiopian woman preparing Ethiopian coffee at a traditional ceremony.She roasts, crushes and brews the coffee on the spot.